Punt, Pass, and Click

In a clear reflection of these modern times, there will be a new rule on Super Bowl Sunday. The NFL has announced that live streaming of the game “will be blocked on the Wi-Fi and cellular networks at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.” Why? Because streaming clogs up the networks and can prevent other fans in the stadium from feverishly sharing every moment of their experience via social media. This is what has become of large gatherings of humans. In order to enable all participants to stare at their phones and overshare throughout the event, they will be prohibited from watching a video stream of the game they are watching in person. If they really want to catch the action on the field, the folks at the stadium may actually have to look up.

+ So where should you go if you want be around people who are actually watching the game? Vegas. This is the weekend the dumb money comes to town. And the smart money is waiting. Welcome to the world of the Wizard of Odds.

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