The scouts start watching their games during grade school. By junior high, the recruiting process has started. And by ninth grade, many have already committed to play their sport at a major college. What’s new about this story? The people being recruited are girls.

+ Between concussions, reports of brain damage, and a Super Bowl almost certain to be played in terrible weather, you’d figure Football would be taking a popularity hit. Hah. While Football remains by far the most popular sport in America, this year’s Super Bowl tickets may go down as the cheapest in years.

+ The Super Bowl and the Supernatural: A third of football fans said that they have prayed to God to help their team. And almost that many believe their team has been cursed. (This seems to provide evidence that even football fans are suffering from concussion-related symptoms.)

+ The Winter Olympics are starting next month. Quick, name one of the women’s figure skating competitors. You probably can’t. That says something about the sport. And it also says something about how companies want to brand themselves.