Forget the violence, the injuries, the concussions, the brain damage, and the suicides. Someone on the Seahawks said something mean after one of the NFL playoff games. Richard Sherman’s televised outburst overshadowed (at least on social media) his team’s win over the 49ers. Will Leitch reviews the comments and argues that Sherman “is precisely the type of person you should cheer for.” And Terry Blount insists that Richard Sherman is a better man than what you see.

+ Now, even Richard Sherman has written an article in which he attempts to explain how he became one of the first athletes in history to say what he really means during an interview: To those who would call me a thug or worse

+ The best quote on the subject goes to Neil Brennan who tweeted: “At least Richard Sherman plays in the NFL. I’ve seen dudes yell like that about football and they work at Best Buy.”

+ OK, enough about Sherman. Let’s get back to focusing on what the Super Bowl is really all about. The ads. From BloombergBusinessweek: Super Bowl Ad Insanity Explained in Six Charts.

+ Is the extra point on the way out?