“Hi sounds like you went thru a bit of a rough day. We are here to talk & assist if u like. Following u now. DM anytime.” You get bullied online. Then the anti-bullying vigilantes show up to help. Is that good news or bad? From Emily Bazelon in the NYT Magazine: The Online Avengers.

+ “There is only one given: On the afternoon of August 16, a 22-year-old from Australia named Christopher Lane, who had come to America to go to college and play baseball, went out running and, without warning or knowing why, was shot to death in Duncan.” Buzz Bissinger visits Duncan, Oklahoma to report on the Darkness in August.

+ “The night manager rushed over and helped him into a chair by the fireplace, and put a blanket on him. Cheseto was shaking violently. His hands were swollen to twice their normal size and his skin resembled thick plastic. His feet were hard as chunks of wood, and frozen to his running shoes.” What happens to a runner when he loses his feet? This is the story of Marko Cheseto: Runner, Interrupted.

+ Modern Farmer: An Illustrated Account of the Great Maple Syrup Heist.