“I wondered, as I waited for my heat to begin, whether the whole thing might be better suited to a gender studies dissertation than to a sports story. But it was too late now. A crowd of spectators had gathered along Talkeetna’s snowy main drag. Men placed bets on the probable winners. Women in colorful wigs and numbered bibs like mine drank from pocket flasks, and children and dogs roamed freely.” SB Nation’s Eva Holland joins in Alaska’s weirdest and wildest competition (which is held for a very good cause): Wilderness Women.

+ Drew Philp in Buzzfeed: Why I Bought A House In Detroit For $500. (That’ll buy you a month and a half of tandem parking in San Francisco.)

+ “We expected to wait 15 minutes for weather to improve enough that we could make our escape. Instead, we waited for days.” From Douglas Fox: The Time I Got Stranded in Antarctica.