Occasionally, one can find a single headline that summarizes a widespread story. This one from a North Dakota website seems to do the trick: “Fargo man finds refuge from bitter cold in a freezer, where there’s no wind chill.”

+ Every state other than Hawaii is experiencing freezing temperatures this week.

+ Explaining the polar vortex to Donald Trump.

+ There are a lot of ways to have fun with hot water and the polar vortex. And there are several ways to get burned.

+ Each year, we dump about 137 pounds of salt per person on our roads to melt ice. So where does all the salt go? (Related question: When you’re swimming, do you ever have the feeling that you’re being pickled in brine?)

+ Robert Vick picked the wrong week to escape from a Kentucky prison. Within a few hours, he was so cold that he turned himself in.

+ And because you asked, this is what happens when you jump on a frozen trampoline.