Sky Mall

Last night on 60 Minutes, Jeff Bezos began a Tweeting and Media firestorm with Amazon’s plans to (one day) deliver packages in under thirty minutes via drone. You’ll probably want to beware of packages sent by people you don’t like. (I wonder if Wal-Mart will counter with packages delivered in less than thirty seconds via missile.)

+ From GigaOm: Consumer drones are coming and they will change everything.

+ Wired: Why Amazon’s drone delivery service won’t fly anytime soon.

+ Of course, Bezos timely announcement of something that might happen in a few years wasn’t really about drones. It was about getting some solid holiday buzz. Here’s Brad Stone on what Amazon’s announcement really delivers. Amazon announces something that may or may not happen in a few years and it spreads throughout the Internet. Here’s a thought: We’re the drones.

+ There is some major news regarding Amazon and other big online retailers. The Supreme Court declined to take a case related to state efforts to force online retailers to collect sales tax from customers.

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