Yesterday, the election results apparently taught us all a lot. CNN has a list of 5 things we learned from election night 2013. NPR fills us in on 7 election lessons we should have seen coming. MoJo shares a guide to 6 things you might not know about New York’s mayor-in-waiting (including the fact that he’s a Red Sox fan). But most of all, we learned what this election means for the one that is scheduled for 2016. That race was mentioned about once every ten minutes on CNN’s TV coverage.

+ The biggest winner of the night was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who basically won the first statewide primary for the next presidential election. Now that Chris Christie is the clear GOP frontrunner for 2016, it’s as good a time as any to start writing pieces that explain why he can’t win. If you want to understand more about Chris Christie (or even if you don’t), you should definitely read Jeffrey Goldberg’s 2012 Atlantic piece on Christie and Bruce Springsteen: The governor and the Boss–a tale of politics, rock and roll, and unrequited love.

+ The other things people voted on yesterday; including pot, gambling, and secession. If you legalize the first two, there’s no need to consider the third.

+ Detroit has its first white mayor in 40 years. While we’re on that topic. Here’s a look at the 33 whitest jobs in America.