This is Your Brain on Mindfulness

There’s little doubt that meditation and mindfulness are extremely valuable. But these days, the labels are being attached to an increasing number of products and activities. And it’s no coincidence that many ancient practices are now getting a ton of buzz as our devices make it less and less likely that we’ll take the time to chill out, even for a few minutes a day. One of the ironies of the era is that you can now download apps that promise to help you meditate and be more mindful. It’s a familiar trend. Technology strips away something important. Then technology is created to fill the void. From the NYT: Mindfulness – getting its share of attention.

+ And here’s a Wired piece Noah Schactman wrote last summer: Meditation and mindfulness are the new rage in Silicon Valley. And it’s not just about inner peace — it’s about getting ahead. Om, Om, Ugh.

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