Last week, Business Insider’s Henry Blodget ranted about the weirdness of having attendants in the bathrooms at Balthazar. The restaurant’s owner agreed, and those attendants will soon be out of a job. By this time next week, these guys will probably have coded a bathroom app and be raising money at a $1b valuation.

+ “Let’s pick a fight with kale.” Check out the inside story of Broccoli’s extreme makeover.

+ Some churches have come up with a way to attract more members. They offer free beer. I guess turning water into wine wasn’t enough.

+ Usain Bolt turned McNuggets into gold.

+ Thanks to the time change over the weekend, you can now expect more criminal activity. It turns out most crooks aren’t morning people.

+ Two planes collided in the air. And there were no fatalities. It helps that both planes were loaded with skydivers.