Weekend Reads

“A handful of health experts are now concerned that today’s veterans face an emerging epidemic, one threatening the lives of thousands of men and women. And it’s all because of garbage.” The Verge’s Katie Drummond takes you inside the military’s ring of fire.

+ “At 8 years old, she weighed 25.6 pounds, the size of an average 2-year-old, and was damaged in ways doctors had never seen. A lot has happened in Lauren Kavanaugh’s life since then.” From The Dallas Morning News: The Girl in the Closet. It’s horrifying to consider the things people are capable of doing to each other. And inspiring to see that some victims can find a way to endure.

+ Aeon’s Heather Havrilesky on the human condition: The laundry will never be done.

+ The Guardian has a great interactive piece that explains what the NSA revelations mean for you. “The chances are you are sharing a lot more personal information than you think…”

+ Pando Daily’s Hamish McKenzie on the hand-drawn emoticon that ought to push Silicon Valley over the edge. It’s time for Silicon Valley to ask: Is it worth it?

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