Over the weekend, some friends were kind enough to break out their stash of movie-grade cosmetics and turn the members of my family into zombies for a Halloween party. Before the makeup had even been fully applied, photos of our faces were shared on Twitter and Facebook. That probably doesn’t surprise you. The constant capturing and sharing of life’s moments is the new normal. The increasingly urgent need to transfer experiences online has become a reflex. According to the latest numbers from Pew, 54% of adult Internet users post original photos or videos online. Eighteen percent of cell phone owners use Instagram, and nearly 10% use Snapchat.

+ From Wired’s Mat Honan: Can’t get away from it all? The problem isn’t technology — it’s you. (And in the 80s, cocaine wasn’t your problem. It was your nostril.)

+ “Next time you’re implicitly required to alter your path to avoid colliding with an oblivious phone user … just don’t, and see what happens.” Together we can fight the scourge of texting while walking.

+ “The instant my son looked at the image, his imagination-driven perception of himself was replaced by a digital reproduction of the moment he had just experienced.” Here’s my article on the snap, crackle and pop of the digital photography era: This is You On Smiles.