The health care site will be partially dysfunctional for a few weeks. Congress has been completely dysfunctional for 237 years. So I don’t expect a lot of positive progress to come from hearings in which tech contractors are trying to explain website bugs to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Here’s an overview: The client was too demanding and wanted the project to roll out before it was ready, the contractors were late and unorganized and they all blamed each other for the bugs, and the people trying to get to the bottom of things don’t really know much about technology. In other words, it’s basically the story of every tech project ever built.

+ Why doesn’t the White House just call in the now wildly famous technical team behind Obama’s re-election bid? Because none of them would want anywhere near this project.

+ At least the website woes have led to a decent meme: The search for the mysterious health care website girl.