In the Air

Apple released some new products today, and as per usual, it was a much watched and much tweeted-about event. The big news today included a new, thinner iPad (called the iPad Air), iPad Minis with Retina displays, and perhaps most interestingly, a new pricing scheme for Apple’s new operating system called Mavericks. It’s free. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about today’s Apple event.

+ I am a total Apple fanboy, but when Tim Cook pulled out this sign to make fun of the direction Apple’s competitors are taking, I just couldn’t resist

+ “This isn’t supposed to happen. It violates mainstream finance theory. Very few companies have been valued this way outside a systemic bubble.” From the NYT: Sales are colossal, shares are soaring. All Amazon is missing is a profit.”

+ LA Weekly: Snapchat went from frat boy dream to tech world darling. But will it last?

+ Afraid to talk to techies? Don’t worry. There’s a course for that. (Don’t take this course. They will smell your weakness…)

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