If America is a melting pot, then all the items in that pot will ultimately be rolled into a tortilla. It turns out that looking at what we eat is a great way to understand shifting American demographics. According to one market research firm, salsa outsells ketchup by a 2-1 margin. AP takes a look at the new American menu.

+ We’re not only seeing a shift in the foods we consume. We’re also seeing a shift in how those foods are named, packaged, and marketed. The labels are darker, the taglines pitch high protein, and there are lots of words like pro, power, and ultimate. What gives? Groceries have become a guy thing. “Manfluencers are responsible for at least half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation for their households.” I think the term manfluencers just made me lose my appetite.

+ And through all these dietary and marketing changes, bacon stands its ground. From Wired: Math proves bacon is a miracle food.