If you are a dude with a TV, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen commercials that suggest you might be suffering from low testosterone (or its more hip name, Low T). Last year, drug makers spent a cool $3.7 billion advertising their cures for a problem that, so far, no one has determined is particularly widespread. Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Joel Finkelstein sums things up: “The market for testosterone gels evolved because there is an appetite among men and because there is advertising. The problem is that no one has proved that it works and we don’t know the risks.” You could probably say the same about a lot of other conditions and their supposed cures.

+ In the past decade, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of kids diagnosed with ADHD. Did the kids change? Probably not. So what did? The NYT’s Maggie Koerth-Baker on the not-so-hidden cause behind the ADHD epidemic.