Twitter finally gave us a look at something over 140 characters as they shared details about the company ahead of the upcoming IPO. GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram pulls out a few key numbers and stats, and fills us in on who’s about to make a whole lot of dough.

+ How much does Twitter make off of us? Well, that depends on a few factors including our location. But Quartz did the math, and it looks like we’re worth about 55 cents per quarter. In other words, we’re overpaid.

+ The Atlantic does a little more division and finds that every time you view your timeline, it’s worth about $0.0008.

+ Ryan Tate: “Twitter opens the books, but Facebook’s IPO looked so much better.”

+ Here’s the good news. Twitter was made for mobile and mobile is where we are these days. The bad news. Everyone is still trying to figure out how to squeeze more advertising dollars out of mobile. Sounds like a long term hold to me.