A battery in a Tesla Model S caught fire – so much for zero emissions – and someone with a video camera was there to catch action. That video (along with a analyst downgrade) caused Tesla’s skyrocketing stock to level off a bit. We’ll get to the bottom of the cause of the fire once investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration come out to take a look. Oh whoops, NHTSA’s field investigations have been suspended because of the government shutdown.

+ Are you a person who likes the Tesla but would prefer something a little more unique? I’d suggest this 1963 Ferrari GTO. It just sold for $52 million.

+ We are now sending in the robots to fight the jellyfish. It’s only a matter of time until the jellyfish manage to turn the robots against us.

+ Eye contact is overrated. And besides, when we talk, I’ll be looking at my phone the entire time. It makes me feel young.