For the first time in seventeen years, the federal government has entered shutdown mode. Teresa Washington, an EPA worker, summed up the feelings of voters across the nation: “Let’s fire ’em all — we need to get rid of them. It’s not fair. They still get paychecks, and we don’t.” Here’s WaPo’s list of absolutely everything you need to know about how the government shutdown will work.

+ MoJo: 48 ways a government shutdown will screw you over.

+ Obama on NPR: “I will not negotiate … This perpetual cycle of brinksmanship and crisis has to end once and for all.”

+ Atlantic Wire: Scenes from a shutdown.

+ Google’s Doodle celebrates Yosemite’s 123rd birthday. Just as the park shuts down. Meanwhile, a group of vets didn’t let a pesky shutdown and some barricades stop them from visiting the World War II Memorial.

+ Whoa, whoa. A football game might get canceled? This has officially gone too far.

+ And, by a landslide, the Daily News wins the newspaper cover competition.