The numbers are in for the Breaking Bad finale. The show was watched by 10.3 million viewers (each of whom, it seems, Tweeted about eight hundred times). The Atlantic’s Nolan Feeney argues that Breaking Bad is an example that Netflix and On-Demand aren’t killing water-cooler TV, they’re saving it.

+ While we have a lot of people around the virtual water cooler chiming in about shows like Breaking Bad, it’s worth putting the numbers in perspective. For one thing, there is a difference between buzz and viewership. Breaking Bad wasn’t even AMC’s biggest finale of the season. That prize goes to The Walking Dead. When The Sopranos ended, it felt like the whole world was glued to a television set. In reality, fewer than 12 million people watched that series finale. Sure, more people will watch these episodes via streaming services and on-demand, but we’ll never reach the numbers of the water cooler’s heyday. When MASH aired its final episode, it was watch by over 105 million people.

+ If you didn’t like the conclusion of Breaking Bad, here are five alternate endings from Vince Gilligan.