At this point the Internet seems pretty ubiquitous to most of us. But there are still more holdouts than you might imagine. Fifteen percent of American adults do not use the Internet. No web, no mobile apps, no online food ordering, no avoiding phone calls (or worse, face to face meetings) with a quick email. No texting or sexting or Snapchatting or Instagramming or Liking or Favoriting or Retweeting. No streaming movies, tv shows, or personalized music stations. No Gangnam Style. No Rickrolling. No experiencing major events via animated gifs or fake twerking videos. No ego-surfing. No oversharing. No being followed by advertisers. No Angry Birds. No quick, pithy, entertaining and hilarious looks at the day’s most fascinating news. No chance of going viral. And no cat videos. Believe it or not, fifteen percent of Americans missed the greatest Tweet of all time. About a third of those who never use the Internet “think the internet is just not relevant to them, saying they are not interested, do not want to use it, or have no need for it.” We all know a few of these people. And about half of them ask us to complete tasks or look up stuff for them on that Google thing. Before you run out and try to convince these folks to come join on the online universe, consider that you’ll likely be doing a whole lot of tech support from that point on. From PewInternet, here’s a detailed look at who’s not online and why.