There was no company that was more emblematic of the first Internet boom and bust than Kozmo. It was like a dream. You’d be able to order munchies and movies that would then be delivered — occasionally through a smoke-filled doorway — by a bike messenger. And now there is word that Kozmo might be coming back. Slate’s Matthew Yglesias argues that the time for this is right. I doubt it’s the right time (Amazon will dominate same-day delivery and much of what we were ordering back then — including the really good stuff — is now available as a stream). I’ll settle for being left with the Kozmo messenger bag I bought on eBay and my fond (and a little foggy) memories.

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+ These days, the most powerful Internet apps strive to get us together in real life. Check out the quite incredible Diner en Blanc. It’s not often you need a table for 4,000.