We’ve heard a lot about the threat “cord cutters” pose to cable and satellite providers. But there’s a new threat that could be more pressing: Cord Nevers. There’s a new generation of people who have never purchased a cable package and never plan to. This year is “on pace to be the first year ever that total U.S. pay-TV subscriptions will decline.”

+ At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find people who watch NCIS. And there are a whole lot of them. Last season, more than eighteen million people tuned in to watch the CBS juggernaut each week. Amazingly, the show’s audience continues to grow even though its been around for ten seasons.

+ Chrismukkah is back… Great news for fans of the show The OC. There’s a remake. To really enjoy it, you’ll need to speak Turkish. Here’s a look at some crazy remakes of U.S. shows.