Apple is over. Apple’s best days are behind it. Apple has peaked. Those are the kinds of things I’ve been reading across the media. Meanwhile, the buzz related to yesterday’s release of iOS 7 dominated everything from news sites to my Twitter feed. Apple is not over. And it’s not doomed. It’s the hottest, and probably the most interesting, company around. But there are challenges. The folks in charge in Cupertino talk about those challenges and more in this Businessweek cover story: What, Us Worry?

+ “This is the dilemma of working for a technology company that is also perceived as a luxury brand: We attract clients who understand that we provide the latest and shiniest things that they must have, while at the same time they have no idea whatsoever how to use them.” From McSweeney’s: Retail Therapy: Inside The Apple Store.

+ A very enjoyable, and quite in-depth, analysis of the top five iOS 7 ringtones.

+ The beginning of the end: A cat unlocks an iPhone 5s with a paw print.