The Bottom of the News

Last night I was lucky enough to see John Williams conduct the San Francisco Symphony. Steven Spielberg was on hand, and he showed a clip of an Indiana Jones movie without music. And then he rolled the same clip with the SF Symphony playing the accompanying music. As you’d imagine, the music had an enormous impact on the emotions we all felt as we watched the scene again. Apparently, music can have the same impact on how we view other people. According to a recent study, men are more attracted to women when their personal webpages are accompanied by classical music. Meanwhile, women found men more attractive when heavy metal music was playing in the background. I think I’ll stick with Spielberg and Williams and let the Jaws theme play wherever my photo appears.

+ Which is the most influential emotion on social networks? Anger. Man, that really pisses me off. And so does the fact that someone can get a Master’s degree in social media.

+ Do you let your kid spend hours playing Minecraft? Well, you’re off the hook. Nick Bilton of the NYT describes it as an educational tool.

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