In the coming days, there will be a ton of media coverage focused on every detail from the background of Navy Yard mass shooter Aaron Alexis. But so far, it looks like an all too familiar equation: Mental illness plus guns. Slate has a solid roundup of what we think we know about Aaron Alexis. And here’s what we definitely know about his victims.

+ Christopher P. Ryan: “I was in the car at 5:15 and pulled through the gates to the base at 6:15, handing my ID card to one of the police officers at the gate as I always do. Within a few hours, a dozen people would be dead.”

+ Expect the appetite for new gun laws to go up, and then go back down. It’s a pattern we’ve seen in the past, including in the days and months following Sandy Hook. Here’s a look at the next gun control debate in six charts.

+ When a story like this first breaks, there is almost always a lot of misinformation spreading around the Internet (via social media and mainstream media sources). This time, the big blunder had to do with the viral Navy Yard shooting photo that wasn’t.