My wife and I were in bed when her sister called and told us we better turn on the television. We all remember exactly where we were twelve years ago today. The planes flying into buildings. The shocking destruction. The first responders who ran up the stairs while everyone else was running down. On the twelfth anniversary of 9-11, Slate’s Molly Knight Raskin profiles Danny Lewin, the man who was likely the first person killed (and who helped millions of us stay online).

+ “For us on the ground, the realization of how bad it was came when people started jumping to their deaths as a better option than being burned alive 70, 80, 90 floors above West Street.” Six Daily News photographers share their stories from September 11.

+ Here are photos depicting the rise of One World Trade Center. And here are time lapse videos of both the original and the new World Trade Centers being built.

+ AT&T might want to try to forget their 9/11 never forget tweet.