Americans work a lot. That’s especially true when you compare them to employees in France, or even Germany. But the picture looks a whole lot different once you add in countries like Singapore where most people are too busy to even look at these charts.

+ “For more than two years, he has come to a small room, taken a seat and then passed the time reading newspapers, browsing the Web and poring over engineering textbooks from his college days. He files a report on his activities at the end of each day.” Shusaku Tani is employed by Sony, but he doesn’t actually do any work for the company. He refused an early retirement package and Sony can’t fire him. Welcome to the increasingly weird world of lifetime employment. (Sitting at a desk and browsing the web during work hours. Who would do such a thing?)

+ Are the rich getting too much of the economic pie? The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson tries to answer that question using an actual pie.