Paperback Fighter

Some of the indie bookstores left standing have come up with a new model for staying in business. They are using sites like Indiegogo to ask people for donations. According to one bookstore owner: “Bookstores are sort of an endangered industry for lots of reasons. But it would have left a huge hole in our little community if we had gone away.”

+ Between them, Josh Bearman and Josh Davis have optioned 18 of their magazine articles for films. Now they are launching a new platform to help other nonfiction writers to do the same thing, and keep most of the money. (I’m still waiting for the day when I can option a tweet.) This is really a great period for long form writing. The Internet creates a hunger for deeper content, and gives us the tools to find and share the stuff we like.

+ Here’s a look back at the very first issues of 19 famous magazines.

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