“We live in a commercial world, where you’ve gotta come up with ‘trailer moments’ and make the thing feel big and impressive and satisfying, especially in that summer-movie-theater construct. But ultimately I do feel — even as a purveyor of it — slightly turned off by this destruction porn that has emerged and become very bold-faced this past summer. And again, guilty as charged. It’s hard not to do it, especially because a movie, if properly executed, feels like it’s escalating.” From NY Magazine: Star Script Doctor Damon Lindelof Explains the New Rules of Blockbuster Screenwriting.

+ Action on Twitter can, in some cases, spike TV ratings. Welcome to the virtual living room.

+ “The qualities that Mad Men has, 20 years or 10 years ago, would have been in the movies. Breaking Bad would have been a movie.” In the Morning News, Martin Connelly takes a look at TV writing in an age when shows are being compared to novels: Adjusting the Picture.