Twelve Major League players accused of using performance enhancing drugs have agreed to 50-game suspensions, and Alex Rodriguez is expected to be kicked out of baseball through the 2014 season.

+ When I was in college, I was a sports producer for a local TV station and I covered hundreds of baseball games. Even back then, every reporter in the press box seemed to know that some players were using steroids or other drugs to enhance their performances. One season, a guy in a locker room would be nice, thin, and have a clear complexion. The next season, he’d be huge, covered in acne, and have a short temper emanating from an oddly large head. Yet, it still took about a decade for a reporter named Steve Wilstein to launch the coverage of the steroid era.

+ It’s been a busy offseason for Johnny Football. Now ESPN is reporting that Heisman winner Johnny Manziel is being investigated for potentially selling (or at least offering to sell) his autographs — a violation of NCAA rules (which are mostly nuts).

+ Whether these autograph-related allegations turn out to be true, Johnny Football may have had the craziest offseason in college football history. In other news, he’s twenty years-old and wildly famous.