For several years, your supermarket shelves have been lined with products labeled gluten-free. So it might surprise you to learn that, until today, the FDA had never issued any legally binding rules associated with that label.

+ We’ve been learning more and more about the downsides of sugar consumption. For many, avoiding sugars includes avoiding fruits. David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital thinks that’s going too far and argues that there are no adverse health effects associated with consuming fruits. “You can’t just take an 8-ounce glass of cola and add a serving of Metamucil and create a health food. Even though the fructose-to-fiber ratio might be the same as an apple, the biological effects would be much different.” So much for what I thought was a pretty balanced breakfast.

+ It took more than a year for Facebook to get back to its IPO price. Meanwhile, the real IPO action seems to be in the food business. An organic foods grocer call Sprouts just had the best public market debut of the year. The second best IPO debut this year was by a company called Noodles. Next time you call your broker, order lunch.