If you want a front row seat to the tech revolution, then you should probably head for your couch. While there was a time when people thought that the Internet would kill TV, it’s now clear that the big technology players want to enhance the television experience. And of all the big corporate battles of the digital age, none is more heated than the one for your attention while you’re staring at your television screen.

+ You wake up in the morning and your phone warns you about the traffic you’ll encounter on the way to that day’s meeting. But “you never told your phone you had a meeting, or where it was.” Welcome to the new world of apps that know what you want, before you do. If these apps really know what I want, then they’ll be less creepy and bring me more coffee.

+ Here’s a cool infographic of the amount of online activity that goes on every 60 seconds (unless I’m away from my computer).