Weekend Reads

“Does anybody play the drums?” Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, The Who and the birth of the mega rock tour. And somewhat related, my old McSweeney’s piece: An open letter to the guy who puked next to me at a heavy metal concert.

+ Judith Tebbutt: My six months held hostage by Somali pirates.

+ “At school, I was the woefully Aspergian weirdo that few if any kids liked, overwhelming my peers with television trivia they didn’t care to hear and derailing lesson plans with digressive questions my teachers were sick of me asking. But at home, I retreated to the Internet where I was no longer the overweight 3rd grader who had on more than one occasion had birthday party invitations returned to her. I was Tom, the charming 17-year-old boy who had successfully wooed a teen mom from Arizona he’d met on Yahoo!Games.” I was a catfish. This story is has an anonymous byline, so maybe we’re being catfished as we read it.

+ Buzzfeed: “Nothing is more emblematic of the American dream than chaotic mining and drilling towns such as Williston, North Dakota, and the people who flock to them in search of fortune. And no one knows better how these communities work — and don’t — than the traveling topless dancer.”

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