On the broadest level, today’s Emmy nominations are a confirmation that this is great time be watching TV — no matter where or how you choose to watch it. The big story of the day is the fourteen nominations for Netflix’ original shows, including some major nods for the excellent House of Cards. HBO dominated the day (once again) getting 108 nominations. But this year’s Emmys are not all about new technology and relatively new networks. Saturday Night Live pulled in fifteen nominations. That’s not bad for a show that’s been around for nearly four decades. And several of this year’s nominated actors are SNL alums.

It’s definitely nice that more quality shows on cable and Netflix are getting noticed. But it’s impossible to take the Emmys all that seriously when Two and a Half Men has nine trophies and The Wire has none.

+ Elisabeth Moss got two lead actress nominations. One for her role in Mad Men and one for her part in the haunting and worth-watching mini-series, Top of the Lake.

+ Here’s the compete list of nominations.

+ From Buzzfeed, here are 24 outrageous Emmy snubs (several of which might not strike you as all that outrageous).

+ Maybe we need more nominees in some categories. With that take and more, here’s the always enjoyable Tim Goodman: “From Spectacularly Wrong to Predictably Wrong.”

+ Finally, here’s The Hollywood Reporter on the firing and rehiring of Community’s Dan Harmon: Showrunner, Chevy Chase rival, self-professed A-hole.