The major phone carriers know about your sick, demented need to have the latest gadget in your pocket. So they are offering new plans that will enable you to upgrade your device after only one year. The programs are marketed as an incentive to keep early adopting tech addicts happy. But what if something else is at work? What if these programs are really a response to the fact that fewer of us feel the need to upgrade, and more of us are satisfied with what we’re packing in our pockets? “For the first time since 2008, computer-equipped phone upgrades dropped.” Have we reached peak smartphone?

+ It took a powerful computing device for you to be at least partially satisfied with your phone. But your doctor could still be satisfied with a pager. From Fortune: Where pagers haven’t gone extinct yet. (At least they’ve replaced their paper manuals with a handy CD-Rom.)

+ OK, so your phone is good enough. What about your TV? From Quartz, here’s all the evidence that Apple is making an actual TV.