The Unstoppable Fashion Trend

One morning when my daughter was two years-old, I asked her what she thought of the shirt I was wearing. She said it was fine. But when I pushed her for more feedback, she said: “It too big and it no match.” That was an easy fashion trend to undo. But there’s no stopping the trend of wearable computing. Experts expect us to purchase about 15 million wearable computing devices this year, and we’re just warming up. And humans may not be the only ones who become wearable tech fashion victims. Some inventors are already designing wearable devices for dogs.
Quartz: What I learned from researching almost every single smart watch that has been rumored or announced.

+ I already have a smart watch. It tells me when it’s time to put down my phone. Maybe we should all do that a little more often. According to some researchers at HBS, your iPhone may weaken your will.

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