OK, we followed their advice. More Americans are exercising more often, but so far, we’re really not losing much weight. According to one researcher: “To tackle obesity, we need to do this. But we probably also need to do more … Just counting on physical activity is not going to be the solution.”
+ “Her cholesterol was astoundingly low. Her low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, the form that promotes heart disease, was 14, a level unheard-of in healthy adults, whose normal level is over 100.” The NYT’s Gina Kolata on the rare mutation that has ignited a big pharma race for a new cholesterol drug.
+ Maybe what we really need is fresher broccoli in more regions. A Cornell scientist is trying to make that dream a reality by creating “a new version of the plant that can thrive in hot, steamy summers.” Sure. One day it’s thriving in heat, the next day an army of it is attacking us in our sleep.
+ Is Broccoli really President Obama’s favorite food? Probably not. And we don’t want our presidents eating good food anyway.
+ Is your mind to blame for your gluten allergy? (If it is, why would it believe any article that says it is?)
+ Here’s one competition that goats did not want to win. They are the world’s most popular meat.