“I was privileged enough to go into the locker room straight after the match and Andy was basically in a state of shock. I just gave him a big hug when I got in there and said ‘I really don’t know how you did that’ and he said ‘nor do I’.” That was Tim Henman on Andy Murray’s big Wimbledon win. Murray ended Great Britain’s 77 year wait for a men’s singles champion.

+ England is celebrating Andy Murray. But Fred Perry, the last British man to win Wimbledon, didn’t feel the same kind of adoration.

+ Buzzfeed: Why is a four-decade-old tennis book still a self-help sensation? (Possibly because the last 39 years worth of self-help books haven’t been any good?)

+ The Daily Beast: Tennis has a doping problem.

+ Andy Murray’s did more than win a tennis tournament. He also cracked the top five list of the most Tweeted events ever.