Weekend Reads

For the holiday weekend, I went into the ND archives and pulled out some good longform reads. First, here’s one of my recent blog posts (republished on Medium) in which a I recount how a group of successful of Type A leaders gathered around a table to explain how technology could help them with their technology problem. It was like listening to a bunch of people explain how they used heroin to kick their methadone habit. The lessons are worth considering, especially during a weekend supposedly away from work: The Answer is a Click Away.

+ How Two Presidents Helped Me Deal With Love, Guilt, and Fatherhood.

+ The Island Where People Forget to Die.

+ The Cooler Me: There’s probably a cooler version of yourself out there. Eric Puchner found the cooler version of himself, and then the two of them hung out.

+ McSweeney’s: In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ Wifi And Am Hailed As A Conquering Hero.

+ I love the oral histories of television shows. Here are a few especially good ones.

– The Family Hour: An Oral History of The Sopranos.

With Friends like these.

– Omar Listening: The makers and stars of The Wire.

– The Oral History of Freaks and Geeks.

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