In The Times of India, Santosh Desai provides an interesting look at the awkwardness of the tie in his country. “On a sales executive, the tie is an admission of submission, of the acceptance of an individual of the power of a dominant collective to which obeisance must be paid in order to gain entry. It is a confession of one’s inherent inability to belong to an exalted group, and needing the help of external props that convey one’s willingness to play the game by the rules.” In the Internet industry, that’s basically how we feel about wearing a laundered T-shirt.

+ Are you in the middle of heat wave? If so, here’s a great time-lapse video of San Francisco’s fog to cool you off.

+ If you’re seeking business wisdom / You don’t need no MBA / Look no further than the beauty / That surrounds us every day. Groupon’s former CEO Andrew Mason is out with a motivational business-rock album (one assumes it’s a joke?).

+ This is what it looks like when you run 25 mph on a treadmill.