What has been the hottest IPO of the year so far? Some new-fangled technology perhaps? Or maybe a trend-setting company from one of the coasts set to take their product offering national and then global? Nope, it was a Denver-based, pasta-centric restaurant chain called Noodles & Co. The company’s IPO bucked a lot of trends (including, it seems, the war on flour). Here’s The Daily Beast on how a pasta chain punked Wall Street.

+ A carb company raising big dough shouldn’t be that surprising. They are selling something that many people can’t get enough of. Question: What is the best food to pair with refined carbohydrates? Answer: More refined carbohydrates.

+ Speaking of the public markets, the Winklevoss twins have filed a proposal with securities regulators “that would allow any investor to trade bitcoins, just as if they were stocks.” I’d invest, but I just put all my money into Google Reader.