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On any given day, Dave turns up the top 10 stories that are important, moving, hilarious, and just weird. Next Draft finds the signal in all the noise.

Bob Cohn

President, The Atlantic

Dave finds stuff I didn't see but should have. Add that to his drop-dead sexiness and you've got yourself an indispensable newsletter.

Steve Bodow

Executive Producer, The Daily Show

Think of Dave Pell as the Internet’s managing editor. The NYT meets SNL. Smart, funny, essential.

Phil Bronstein

Chair, Center for Investigative Reporting

Trusted by the people who write the news.

A consistently informative and entertaining guide to some of the best stories on the web, with a healthy mix of news you should know, want to know, and prefer to pretend you didn't read.

Maria Konnikova

The New Yorker

NextDraft is a must-read. Dave scours the Internet and presents a smörgåsbord of stories that educate and entertain, and even elevate the discourse surrounding the major headlines of the day.

Ram Ramgopal

CNN Executive Editor

The NextDraft newsletter is indispensable. Dave Pell cuts through the clutter with urgency, humor and smarts. I never miss it.

Don Van Natta Jr.


Like all great curators, Pell continually provides answers to questions you weren’t even aware you were asking; even as he feeds your mind, he cultivates and expands your curiosity. I read NextDraft the way I breathe, and for the same reason.

Andrew Corsello


Dave Pell's expert curation, deep insight, and droll humor is the best proof I've found for why robots won't replace editors anytime soon.

Noah Robischon

Exec Editor, FastCompany

It is about time the Internet had a managing editor, and Dave Pell turns out to be the perfect choice for the job. NextDraft is always nourishing, often surprising and quite witty (especially given that he is an American). An essential tea time read.

Matthew Bishop

The Economist

I've always considered NextDraft a must-read newsletter.

Eric Eyre

Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist

Dave shows me the most interesting, entertaining, and important stories that I've missed. Next Draft is invaluable.

Tim Sullivan

Editorial Dir, Harvard Business Review

I'm loving NextDraft. 10 striking bits of news wittily annotated, delivered daily. A must-read.

Melanie Pinola


It's not just that Dave Pell hooks me up with things I'm interested in; it's that he hooks me up with things I don't even know about that fascinate me. Plus he's a first-rate emcee, he really makes me laugh, and I love his goggles.

Benjamin Dreyer

Copy Chief, Random House

Dave Pell knows his way around the net like few others, and his selection of each day's news is one of best tools I have. Hard to imagine why everybody doesn't subscribe.

Howard Weaver

Former VP, McClatchy News

Dave is an expert at picking through the deluge and serving up the day's best stories from a huge variety of websites.

Sapna Maheshwari

New York Times

NextDraft's curation is tight and thoughtful -- I always learn about something new.

Michael Calore


NextDraft is the only newsletter I read every day.

John Gruber

Daring Fireball

Dave pulls the most important and interesting stories together with smarts and humor. My daily must-read.

Kevin Skaggs

GM Digital, Ad Age

Quite possibly the most insightful and unique email newsletter hitting inboxes daily.

Kavi Gupta


Perhaps the world’s best email newsletter

Hamish McKenzie

Often unexpected, usually interesting, and always well-written.

Kevin Kelly

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