I don’t want to hold up my iPhone to a street sign or a building and be able to get more web related information about my surroundings. I don’t want my reality augmented. In fact, I’m not even sure I want so much augmentation in my unreality.

My pals over at Gigaom have a nice overview of some of the apps they say will change the way we see the world.

I suppose you can get some interesting or even valuable information about your environment. I’m thinking of things like an app that tells you about the closest subway station or warns you that that the woman sitting at the cafe, while both attractive and available, is a major Mel Gibson fan.

But bringing the web with me and overlaying it onto my real world experience is too heavy a price to pay so I can play a virtual game or get some user reviews about a restaurant. I’d rather believe my own eyes and other senses, even if I get it wrong sometimes. The moussaka may be a little flavorless or I might take a wrong turn here and there, but those things are worth it to me if I can keep my augmentation in my pocket where it belongs.

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