I Spent Hours Tweaking Productivity Software

If you find that you’re spending all day at the computer but getting very little done, you’re not alone. Now some people and companies are using time management software in an effort to be more efficient.

Even after spending hours behind a computer screen, we’re often surprised by how little we get done during a workday…

An emerging crop of software now aims to make individuals more conscious of how they spend their screen time. Previously meant for free-lancers looking to keep track of billable hours, software developers are realizing that time-management applications are useful for anyone who wants to track which Web sites they visit and how much of their day is spent on certain work tasks or computer applications.

Are we in some kind of uncontrollable spiral if our solution to being distracted by the programs on our computer is to add yet another program? In my case, I think a ‘roided up NFL linebacker with an hourglass in one hand a large mallet in the other would be more effective. At least until I convinced him to give Twitter a try.

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