Dying Online

In a recent and in depth look at the problems with chat rooms and forums (participants often ultimately ruin both) Robert Scoble uses Twitter as an example of a cleaner user experience. As an example, he quotes a user who shared the nearly blow by blow account of someone who died tragically.

Scoble makes the following points about the series of tweets on this event.

Tragic, my heart is out to everyone involved.

What do you NOT see?

You don’t see any stupid YouTube-style commenters making light of the situation. You don’t see anyone posting pictures that would be inappropriate.

You don’t see anyone entering a conversation that should be viewed on its own in its own totality.

Twitter does NOT have the chat room/forum problem.

The analysis of the chat room/forum problem is probably spot on. But what about the issue not addressed here?

Why is there a need to broadcast someone’s death to strangers in realtime? And how can that NOT be the topic of any commentary that includes these tweets?

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