The End of Alone

The SF Chronicle’s Michael Bauer recently posted and article with his list of the best Bay Area restaurants for dining alone. While I totally disregard the contents of the article (due to the omission of The Sizzler or any restaurant where shoes and shirts are not required), the topic brings up an interesting question.

Does anyone ever really dine alone anymore?

To really dine alone, you’ve got to sit there, in the stillness of your own booth or table, and face the experience. For most people, that mano a mangia faceoff disappeared with the advent of the Walkman. But today, you have more than some tiny earbuds to protect you. With a smartphone in your pocket, you are far from alone. Even if you are not texting, emailing, tweeting or actively using the device, you can be reached. Easily. Your entire support group (along with pretty much all the Kardashians) is only a pocket vibration away.

Is that really dining alone?

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