The newish location-based social networks like Foursquare give you a better idea of where your friends are.

The four friends were brought together through Foursquare, a mobile social-networking service introduced earlier this year. It lets users “check in” when they arrive at a destination, announcing to their friends their current location in case they want to meet up.

I like the idea of occasionally being aware that a friend is out of town or in my area, but in general, I’m not sure we really need updates when we’re in close proximity to each other. If I want to see a friend, I will plan to see that friend. And if I happen to see that friend by chance, it can often be a nice surprise. But knowing that a friend is close when I am doing something on my own takes away that surprise and possibly adds a social layer to my solo time.

Give me an app that let’s me know when Beyonce is nearby. I can keep close enough track of friends the old school way.

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