Don’t Bet On It

“Blackjack, a fast-paced card game, historically paid out a ratio of 3:2 when a player hit 21 on the first two cards. That means a gambler wins $15 for every $10 bet. Now, many blackjack tables on the Strip pay out at 6:5, which means that same $10 yields only $12.” That’s just one of the ways Vegas is working to squeeze more money out of its average visitor. WSJ: Why You’re Losing More to Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. I’ve been thinking about casinos ever since I watched a documentary called Inside The Edge: A Professional Blackjack Adventure. What’s amazing about this look at professional Blackjack players who have figured out ways to win is that they’re all banned from casinos from coast to coast. Consistent winning, even through skill, is simply not allowed in casinos. And in most states, winning is a perfectly acceptable reason to kick a player out of your casino. 3:2? 6:5? No matter how you do the math, you come up empty.

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