What to Read: “The truck flipped, and the bus was ripped in three pieces, its front obliterated and everything above floor level sheared off. Passengers were thrown across the asphalt and into a frozen ditch … In an instant, dozens of lives on the bus and beyond were ripped apart in one of the worst sporting disasters in North America in nearly fifty years. For those involved, on the bus and off, the tragedy was only beginning.” A story of accidents, tragedies, rage, and forgiveness, all in the age of too much media coverage. Mitch Moxley in Esquire: Two Fathers. And being the parent of a child killed in a traffic accident is a club no one wants to join. But many who join it are determined to limit the number of future members. And as with gun violence, we know how to save kids walking across the street. The New Yorker: When Cars Kill. A boy’s death launches a movement to end pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in New York City and beyond.

+ What to Movie: The Worst Person in the World follows the romantic life of a woman in Oslo who is not even in the bottom half of people in the world.

+ What to Hear: In their Zeppelin days, Robert Plant occasionally would toss it over to Jimmy Page who would then play a guitar solo using a violin bow. These days, Plant more often tosses it to a person using a violin bow to play a violin. Here are Robert Plant and Alison Krauss playing Rock and Roll.

+ What to Wear: And speaking of Zep, there’s a new shirt alert. The latest NextDraft shirt, Whole Latte Love, is all the rage this summer.